GBX technology is a company focused on every step of the creation of an Electronic product. GBX works with expertise and efficiency developing projects for different technological markets around the world. We encourage inventiveness, proactivity, and passion for electronic product development. With extensive experience and knowledge on how to combine, optimize and find the optimal synergy between Customer/Market requirements, state of the art technology, design/manufacturing cost, product appearance, easy to use. With many successful projects and skills on electronic product development for almost 30 years, with more than 200 hi-end hi-tech developed products.



GBX provides integral electronic design service from Customers specifications to the final prototype including; Circuit schematic design, PCB layout design, Firmware design and development, Prototype manufacture and testing.


When you approach GBX with a new IDEA to build an electronic product, we take in considerations all the expertise learned from our previous projects, saving a big amount of time and money on them idea development process.


GBX can provide Reverse Engineering services starting from circuit schematic, sample, PCB, sample working or non-working boards provided by the Customer.

Once GBX completly understands all the requirements and specifications of the IDEA and how the Customer wants to build an electronic product, GBX provides a detailed affer including all the development stages, prices and delivery times.
GBX can also advice to the Customer about Patent and Certification requirements and reccomendations.


GBX offers to the Customer a productization process to convert an electronic product Prototype into a ready-to-the market sealable electronic product.
Productization service includes: golden sample for mass production manufacture, Mass Production Test Procedures, JIG Test design and manufacture (Hardware and Software), Q.C. procedures, Q.A. procedures, gift box, User manual, additional supplies.


GBX offers to the Customer to be 100% responsible to manage a100% finished electronic product Mass Production, including: components provisioning, PCB manufacture, PCB Assembly (PCBA), golden sample, Mass Production Test Procedures design and implementation, JIG Test design and fabricaction (Hardware and Software), Q.C. procedures, Q.A. procedures, gift box, User manual, additional supplies. Electronic design includes; Circuit schematic design, PCB design, Firmware design, Software design, Industrial design, Prototypes manufacture, LAB Tests field Tests, standard fulfillment, Certification requirements.