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How to Boost Your Electronic Product’s Market Readiness with GBX Technology?

In the complex landscape of Electronic Product Development, the choice between off-the-shelf system boards like Orange Pi, Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, and RAXDA versus a custom System on a Module (SoM) marks a critical juncture. In this article we straighten out the core significance of a custom SoM, spotlighting why it stands as the ultimate choice for propelling your product seamlessly from concept to market with GBX Technology, your trusted technology partner.


A custom System on a Module is a tailored, integrated circuit designed to meet the unique requirements of a specific application. Unlike the generic system boards mentioned, a custom SoM is crafted with precision to optimize performance, reduce power consumption, and seamlessly integrate into the target application.


While popular system boards offer convenience in prototyping, they exhibit inherent limitations when transitioning to production. Picture it as using a helicopter for a routine supermarket run – unnecessarily complex and expensive. System boards lack the tailored efficiency and cost-effectiveness crucial for market-ready products.



Choosing a Custom SoM with GBX Technology:

Embarking on the production journey with GBX Technology and a custom System on a Module (SoM) offers numerous advantages. One of them is the possibility of On-Demand Production, which allows for protecting your product development from development board shortages and price fluctuations, eliminating worries about speculations and reducing risks associated with unpredictable production expenses. With this advantage, we stay focused on the project’s requirements while we ensure a stable and cost-effective production journey.


Other advantages of choosing GBX Technology include a seamless manufacturing experience through our trusted electronic partners, efficient component supplies, and rigorous quality control and assurance. Our comprehensive support system includes a modular design approach, direct-to-market assistance, customization services, and dedicated support.


We follow a structured approach to ensure a smooth transition from concept to market. Starting with in-depth discussions to understand your product requirements, we then provide detailed quotations. The subsequent phases encompass design and development, small batch production for testing and refinement, and mass production for a successful market launch. Post-launch, our commitment extends to life cycle management and ongoing support for sustained success.

  • Discuss Product Requirements: In-depth consultations to understand the unique needs of your product.


  • Get Quotation: A detailed proposal outlining costs, timelines, and project specifics.


  • Design and Development: Meticulous design and development phase to bring your vision to life.


  • Small Batch Production: Initial production for testing, refinement, and quality assurance.


  • Mass Production: Efficient and cost-effective large-scale production for market launch.


  • Life Cycle Management and Support: Ongoing support and management to ensure sustained success.


Choosing a custom System on a Module with GBX Technology it’s a strategic move to ensure the success of your electronic product in the competitive market landscape. We invite you to connect with us and discuss your product requirements.


Contact us to explore the possibilities and transform your vision into a market-ready reality.